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Welcome to our blog,

Our intention is to create a space for families who love to travel and explore the world together!

This blog is dedicated to helping parents plan unforgettable family vacations and create lifelong memories with their children exploring new cultures and viewing the world with different eyes.

Who is Maggie and Elly Rose?

Maggie is the creator,  author and illustrator of the children's series "The Elly Rose Adventures" A series of six soft cover books about travel and learning new cultures.

Elly Rose is a quirky, cheeky adventurous character who loves to help others and goes on many adventures. She visits schools with Maggie and helps teach children about other countries and cultures. (along side Miss Marmalade, a little mouse who hides in the pages of the books)

As a children's adventure author and creator of the adventurous Elly Rose character I believe that travel has the power to broaden horizons, foster curiosity, and create lasting connections between people and cultures.

Elly Rose and I are passionate about inspiring families to embrace adventure, and to discover the wonders of our planet in a responsible and sustainable way.

We intend to journal our upcoming adventures through this blog so children can follow us from home or school. This blog has come about after being accepted as an Author Pen Pal for two regional schools in NSW and Queensland and finding a way to share fun and interesting information with children and their families about travel and the importance of embracing new cultures.

Why are you writing a blog about travel for kids?

As an Author Pen Pal ambassador for multiple schools we wanted to find a way to document our travels so the students could follow us on our adventures and add fun facts about places, interview other kids, and share what we learn as we continue our adventures.

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Travelling with kids

I left Australia and backpacked solo with my girls aged 8 and 10 for a couple of months in Denmark. Now as adults if you ask them what their favourite childhood memories with me are, they will both answer "The time we went to Denmark!" We travelled freely learning new languages, and embracing new cultures. 

Different modes of travel and experiences became their classroom, they learnt geography, currency conversion, communication skills, different cultures,  problem solving and fostered a love of travelling on their own.


Two girls in snow


" Deciding not to travel with kids because they won't remember, is like not reading them books because they won't remember the stories you read them."


Future adventures

Elly Rose and I will be interview kids along the way as we go on new and exciting adventures, finding tips and tricks for parents when travelling and finding the kid friendly zones in places we go.

So join us and follow along with our new adventures.

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