Artist statement for 'Faces of the Forest'

Art is a positive catalyst for enhancing our well-being and society. Art has the power to heal, inspire, and evoke emotions. My works create a state of “Fleurtopia” state of mind where you feel happy, joy or calm. I encourage you to find your own form of “Fleurtopia”.

This series was inspired by North Queensland where the soil is rich, and the colours are vibrant, the sounds of nature nourish the soul and the serenity calms the busy mind. Where we are reminded that beauty is not about perfection, but the beautifully imperfect, and our power lies within embracing all that we are, unconditionally. For the season’s change, the leaves shed, the old makes way for the new and amongst it all spring blossoms. The ground is nurtured, life retreats to rest and regenerate, it braves the storms and embraces the healing power of the sun, so the cycle continues.

Go where your curious heart leads you. Let that gentle intution guide you into nature, the great unknown. Allow all that surrounds you to hold you in its embrace as Mother Nature beckons you forth into her loving arms.

Look up dear soul, look around you, tread light and free and allow your spirit to dance in the magic of all that you are and all you are yet to be. The butterflies signify profound transformation, the flowers that come back to blossom each year represent resilience, and the birds symbolise freedom.

Fleurtopia- A fictional word devised by the artist to explain the feelings evoked when viewing her work.

A place or state of mind where you feel happy, joy or calm. The sand washing away from your feet when the waves surge back into the ocean, the cool breeze on your cheek on a hot day, the smell of rain on dusty dirt.

My first ‘Faces of the Forest’ canvas was titled ‘Fleur’ (French for flower). Customers have informed me that the canvases make them feel instantly joyful or happy. They resonate with the colours and also with the flora and fauna in pieces.