Artist Process

My art is inspired by the textures and colours from nature and created from a deliberate single word intention written on the base layer, which remains hidden. I meditate with the intention and spend time surrounded by nature and reflect on the ideas that come to me. By using healing colour therapy and positive intentions, my pieces evoke a strong connection with viewers. My multi-layered works bring depth and dimension.

The works are created through improvisation by using layer upon layer of digital textures, photos, marks, symbols, flowers and other elements from nature. Parts of the layers are erased to reveal hidden layers. This spontaneous and removal process creates depth, emotion, and positive healing energy, forcing the viewer to look more closely. As the eye roams, it discovers hidden elements, creating mystery and surprise. My pieces are strongly connected to nature and evoke feelings of happiness and joy.   

When you observe art that you connect with, you are potentially firing the same neurons as the artist when they created it. This sense of being drawn into the artwork is called 'embodied cognition. My multi-layered digital art is a visual expression of what's inside my mind in its positive state, where everything is connected spiritually and with nature. I create and focus on the original affirmation, getting lost in the process. When people smile, they have experienced my intention. They have experienced 'Fleurtopia'. *

My purpose is to create a positive connection through the process of improvisation. By using colour therapy and positive intentions, my pieces evoke a strong connection with viewers. 

* Fleurtopia- A fictional word devised by the artist to explain the feelings evoked when viewing her work.