Soul window

Colour swatch of the image soul window


In a world where self-perception and external perspectives diverge, we all tend to shield our hearts, fearing potential fractures. This self-constructed fortress often obstructs the light flow, leaving us peering outward through narrow windows. Occasionally, we grant fleeting glimpses of our inner world to those outside.


Have you ever found yourself gazing upon the world, contemplating your place and sense of belonging? This artwork serves as a reminder to allow yourself to be truly seen, for your inherent beauty should not be hidden. Although it may require time, embracing the entirety of your being enables you to surpass the shadows and step boldly into your radiant essence. Some of you may not even realise your profound impact on others simply by authentically being yourself as you effortlessly illuminate a room and inspire those around you.


The captivating face gazes at the world, framed by a circular window embedded within a sturdy brick wall. The choice of bright and colourful flowers serves as a powerful symbol, representing the beauty and vitality that lie within each individual. By juxtaposing the vivid blooms against the stark shadows, the artwork emphasizes the differences between the internal and external realms.


The circular window, serving as a portal to the outside world, becomes a focal point, drawing the viewer's attention to the face that peers through it. It symbolizes opening oneself up to vulnerability and allowing others to glimpse into the depths of one's soul. The brick wall acts as a metaphorical barrier, signifying the self-protective mechanisms we employ to shield our hearts from potential harm.


This composition encourages us to break free from our self-imposed limitations and embrace our authentic selves. The interplay of vibrant colours and deep shadows serves as a visual representation of the journey towards self-discovery and self-acceptance. By acknowledging and celebrating our unique beauty, we transcend the boundaries of the shadows, stepping into the radiant light of our true essence.

"I belong in this amazing world"

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